BGMI Unban: Can Garena Revive Free Fire?

BGMI Unban: Can Garena Revive Free Fire?

In 2022, the Indian government banned hundreds of games and applications due to privacy concerns. BGMI and Garena Free Fire are two biggest games which were also banned under section 69A of IT Act. But hopefully after a long time BGMI unban date and time is annouced, and its is coming back on 29th May 2023. We really appreciate and thank Krofton for its constant effort to bring back the BGMI. 

The issue which I am talking about is not BGMI Unban but Garena’s effort for reviving Free Fire? Unlike Karoften, there is no sign of effort by Garena to bring back the Free Fire for Indian players. At the time of Garena Free Fire ban, they launched Free Fire MAX which offered better quality and performance but players were not satisfied with the new version. 

Currently, the BGMI will go under 90 days of surveillance where the Indian Government will monitor the game. After the 90 days the government will release its final decision about the future of BGMI in India. But not to worry, after coming this far Kroften is not going to back down and will do everything to get the final decision in his favour. 

BGMI Unban & Garena’s Opportunity to Revive Free Fire

The reason behind the Garena Free Fire is not just data collection but also location of its server. At the time of the ban, the game servers were in China and in order to re-launch Free Fire they needed to set their servers out of china. In recent months, along with BGMI unban, there were also many rumours of Garena Free Fire unban. 

BGMI Unban: Can Garena Revive Free Fire?

In addition, many Indian players support Garena like the one of the artilces of Inside Esports mentioned about CEO of SkyEports where they said ““It seems that Garena is making a strong effort to bring back Free Fire in India and is just a few steps closer. BGMI is also set to come back anytime soon. With games like BGMI, Free Fire, Counter-Strike, Pokemon Unite, and Valorant, the Indian Esports Industry is poised to reach new heights.“

Even though many players are supporting Garena, there is no sign of effort to bring back the game. India is the biggest Mobile eSports market in the entire world, and every company knows about this. That’s one of the reasons why Kroften is trying their best to bring back the BGMI and earn a big profit. 


Currently, the Indian Government gives the 2nd chance for BGMI and can do the same thing for Garena Free Fire. But in order to bring back the game Garena has to put in an equal amount of effort which is not showing anywhere. It’s sad to say but there is no sign of a comeback for Free Fire in India. Well, Garena Free Fire MAX can be one of the reasons like why a same company will run two games with the same concept and art? 

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