Dylan Jadeja is Riot Games New CEO, Taking Over Later in 2023 

Dylan Jadeja is Riot Games New CEO, Nicolo Laurent Steps Down

On Friday, the Riot Games officially announced that Nicolo Laurent is stepping down as CEO. Riot Games Global President A. Dylan Jadeja is Riot Games New CEO and will start working as CEO in late 2023. 

Riot Games is the creator of one of the most popular games in the world, Valorant and League of Legends are one of them. However, the last few years were not good for the company, and faced a lot of criticism from the community. 

Nicolo Laurent Journey as CEO of Riot Games

Dylan Jadeja is Riot Games New CEO, Nicolo Laurent Steps Down

Nicolo Laurent is one of the most valuable people in the company from 2009 when Riot Games was just a startup. Even before the CEO, Mr. Nicolo contributed to many big projects like League of Legends. 


Nicolo Laurent also announce the news of his stepping down as CEO on Twitter where he write “After 14 years at Riot and 6 as CEO, later this year I’ll check off something that’s been on my quest log for a while: Stepping away from CEO to focus on family, plan a relocation back to France, and play flex queue with my four kids.”

On the other hand, during his sixth journey as CEO, he also faced many significant issues like toxic work culture and being accused but later got clearance for sexual wrongdoing with his former executive assistant. Even though he got clearance from the court, that incident made a huge impact on his career. 

Changing of the Guard, Global President A. Dylan Jadeja as Riot Games New CEO

Dylan Jadeja is Riot Games New CEO, Nicolo Laurent Steps Down

A. Dylan Jadeja is quite a big asset for Riot Games where he served in several different but big company roles. He is in Riot Games for more than a decade, he joined in 2014 as Chief Finance Officer, then Chief Operating Officer in 2014, after that President of Riot Games in 2017, and finally CEO in 2023.

The position of CEO is quite problematic at the current time, the company is facing a lot of criticism regarding its work culture. Dylan Jadeja as Riot Games new CEO has a critical responsibility to improve the company’s image. 


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