Hellboy Web of Wyrd Save File Location, Step by Step Guide!

Hellboy Web of Wyrd Save File Location, Step by Step Guide

On 18th October, the Hellboy Web of Wyrd become available on consoles and PC. It gets a 7/10 rating on Steam. In this blog post you will read about the Hellboy Web of Wyrd save file location on PC. 

The game don’t have the Steam Cloud Support (at least for now) and because of that you can’t save your game progress online. In the unavailbily of the Steam Cloud the PC gamers left only one place to save their save files, Local Saves. 

Saving the game process is important because it help us to play from where we left off. If you want to save your game process and also modify the Hellboy Web of Wyrd save files then keep reading this blog till the end. 

Hellboy Web of Wyrd Save File Location 

Players can access the Hellboy Web of Wyrd save files on ther PC as following. 

C: /Users/%UserProfile%/AppData/LocalLow/Upstream Arcade/Hellboy

When you run the following command then a string folder will become accessible. In that folder, you will find all the saved file in .txt format of Hellboy Web of Wyrd – UAProject_00.txt. 

Step by Step Guide (Quick Navigation)

If you are having trouble in above instruction then you can use this step by step guide. In this tutorial we will use the Window Run for faster navigation. 

  • First, open the Window Run by pressing Windows Key + R (or you can search in the search bar). 
  • After opening the dialog box paste the above path. 
  • Finally click on OK then you will see a folder with string of numbers.

Until the Hellboy Web of Wyrd get the Stem Cloud support this is the only way to save your files. Hope developers are working on this feature to make it available soon as possible. 

In the game right now this is the best way to backup because if you lose your backup then get ready to start from beginning. 

Well, this is all you need to save files in Hellboy Web of Wyrd. We hope you able to save files without any difficulty with help of this guide. If you are still facing any type of issue while saving your gameplay then feel free to ask in the comment section. 


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