How to Remake in Valorant? Valorant Remake Penalty?

How to Remake in Valorant? What is Valorant Remake Penalty?

Do you know how to remake in Valorant? If not then this blog post is for you. As you know Valorant is one of the most popular FPS + MOBA games among players for its team battles and amazing graphics. In Valorant, a team battle allows you to play the game with your friends or random players from all around the world. So make sure to add your friends on Valorant and start enjoying the team battles. 

Team battle is exactly what it sounds like, where players participate in team battles that require the cooperation of their entire team. Unfortunately for some teams, there is a situation when they end up in a tight spot. Where one member leaves the match for some reason, especially in random matches. 

After that the match becomes unfair and there is no fun when you know you are going to lose. It’s one of the most popular issues in all online games when players randomly leave a match.  But Valorrant is not like other games, there is a solution where players can use the “Remake” command option to start a new game if they find themselves in a 4v5 situation.

If you are unaware of how to make a remake in Valorant then this article is for you. Here in this article, we will go with the step-by-step procedure of how to remake in Valorant.

How to Remake in Valorant?

First, if you are a new Valorant player then “Remake” and “AFK Players” might be new terms for you. When a player leaves a running match and leaves the other players hanging in the game the AFK Player aka “Away From Keyboard” player.  

The next term you must add to your dictionary especially if you play a lot of random matches is Remake. When an AFK Player appears in the game (or left the game) then Valorant gives the option to draw. It’s the best thing to do when you don’t want to lose a match or decrease ranking points. 

So to deal with these AFK players, Valorant players have the option of the remake. Using the remake command players can start the game again. In order to remake a game follow the steps below – 

Step-1: First, you need to open chat with “Enter” and then write the command “/remake” in your chat dialog box. Also, You can find the chat option on the bottom left-hand side.

Step-2: After that, a pop-up will arrive on your screen asking for your vote to remake.

Step-3: Now every member of the team requires agreeing to the remake. Once that’s done a new and fresh game can start.

That’s all you need to do to remake Valorant. Also, If the players successfully remake, they will not lose any MMR. Neither will they have to face any type of penalty however there are different rules for AFK players. 

What will happen if the One Player Disagrees with the Remake Vote?

When players use the remake option a pop-up arrives for the vote to make a remake. So even if one player disagrees with the remake, the entire team will face the consequence. Many players and even popular streamers have already made complaints about this issue. But Riot Games hasn’t done anything yet regarding this issue. 

What will happen with the AFK Player?

If it’s possible we would suggest not leaving the game in the middle because, unlike players who voted for a remake, AFK players will receive a serious penalty for leaving the game. Well, along with that punishment, they will also receive the MMR loss.


If you are a Valorant player and find yourself in a 4v5 situation then you can use the remake option. Using Remake, players will not receive any MMR loss, penalty, or any other type of damage in ranking. Whereas the AFK player will receive the MMR loss, penalty, and even can get banned from the game if he gets reported multiple times. This is all you need to know about the How to Remake in Valorant? and AFk Players.

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