How To Avoid Peruvians Dota 2?

How To Avoid Peruvians Dota 2

Got irritated by Peruvians? It’s really sad to know that you are having a bad gaming experience because of them. Trying to know how to avoid peruvians dota 2?

Everyone plays games to have some fun and spend some quality time. But then you get a toxic teammate who is not just ruining the game but also starts irritating you with trash talk. 

So, what are Peruvian players in the first place? The players who are popular for leaving in the middle of the game start taunting both team members and opponents. 

Unlike other regions, servers in the United States in Dota 2 have the most number of Peruvians. So, the best and the most common way to avoid Peruvians in Dota 2 is to change your server to Europe, Australia, or Japan. 

However, if the above tip is not working then don’t worry because, in this blog post, you read more than one way to avoid Peruvians. 

So, let’s start our guide to beating the Peruvians and have a good game!

How to Avoid Peruvians Dota 2?

The bad news is no matter how much you try, you will always encounter Peruvians. 

But the good news is there are multiple ways to help you reduce the chances of encountering a Peruvian in Dota 2. 

Change Your Server!

As I also mentioned above that most of the trash talkers Peruvians are in US-West & US-East Servers. Other servers have pretty less number of Peruvians in comparison to US servers. 

Then the next question is which servers to choose in Dota 2. 

Well, the Japan & China servers are best but the downside is the language barrier. Choose Europe to get fewer Peruvians and for the same language. 

The first piece of advice on how to avoid peruvians Dota 2 is to change your server to (a) Europe East and (b) Europe West. 

2. Create a lobby of “Non-Peruvians only”

The difficult way but the 100% guaranteed way to avoid Peruvians is by creating a lobby of Non-Peruvians only.”

You can chat to find good players and then team up with them. This strategy is time taking but it will help you to create new good friends online in Dota 2. 

Another tip in this section is to always make friends if you find any non-Peruvians. Like when you play a game then you know who is who. After that, you just need to add them as friends and play. 

I know it’s not that easy but it’s better than playing with Peruvians. 

3. Play with Real Friends 

Yes, the last but the best way to play with your friends. So, your next question would be bro, none of my friends play Dota 2. 

Well, my answer would be then why social media even exists? To make friends, right? 

Just go there, find Dota 2 players, and become friends. It’s not just about how to avoid peruvians dota 2 but enjoying it. 

Players who are frustrated by having Peruvians as teammates are praying that someday Valve will beat Peru. 

Peru is considered the house of the worst Dota 2 players. They not just leave games, and jungle all time minted of assisting, but also annoy other players with trash talk. 

The above statement is not mine but thoughts of the Dota 2 community which I found during the research of this blog. Well, those were the best tips to avoid Peruvians in Dota 2.

So, how to avoid peruvians dota 2? Well, here is the summary – 

  • First is to change your server to Europe West & East. 
  • Create a lobby of “Non-Peruvians only” with the help of chat. 
  • Play with your real friends, you can make new friends on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. 


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