How to Change Valorant Name in 5 Easy Steps?

How to Change Valorant Name in 5 Easy Steps?

Do you want to change Valorant name or username? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place and I will help you with it. Username provides a unique identity that makes you different from others in the game. However, some of you might have chosen a random name because of in a hurry or for any other reason. 

In this blog post not just you learn to change Valorant name and username but also get other info regarding the name-changing process. For example, how much it costs or how many times one player can change their usernames. 

How to Change Valorant Name & Username?

In this section, you will learn to change the username with a step-by-step guide. Just follow the steps along with the screenshots. But before that, there are a few things that you keep in your mind while choosing a username. Riot games have policies for usernames just like every online gaming company. 

In this case, there are three rules which a Valorant player must follow to pick a username for himself. The problem is any player can pick a username by going against these three rules but in the long run your account may get banned. 

Rule-1: Don’t use names that express hate speech, profanity, or simplicity. 

Rule-2: Don’t use names that invoke any political party, historical event, or religion. 

Rule-3: Don’t use names that mean vulgarity or insult.

In addition, While changing your name you lose the way then come back to the previous step and repeat the process. There is no need to be worried about anything because even if you do anything wrong, there is always a way to correct it. 

Step-1: The first step is to open your Riot account from your browser because you can’t change Valorant username from inside the game. 

Step-2: Next step is to click and open the “Riot ID” option from the Menu, as you can see in the screenshot. 


Step-3: A dialog box will open after clicking on the Riot ID where you can see the option to fill in the new name and tagline. Yes, the Riot ID and Valorant game name is the same thing. 


Step-4: Now, after changing your username make sure to save your changes. 


Step-5: Congratulations on your new Valorant name. But make sure to check in Valorant if it changes or not, if not then it means the changes are not saved properly. 

It costs nothing to Change Valorant Name!

Changing a username is quite an easy process if you know where and how to do it, right? On the other hand, it’s free! Valorant is amazing when it comes to user experience because you can change Valorant name and username for free. Most of the games have quite rules for their name-changing system like once-in-a-lifetime or hundreds of game coins. 

How Frequently a Player Can Change Their Username?

The answer is once a month. A valorant player can pick a new username for himself/herself every 30 days. It’s more than enough because no one changes their usernames that frequently. However, if you choose the wrong or undesirable username then you have to wait for 30 days to change it back. 

I hope this blog helped you to solve all your Valorant name-related quarries. The process is quite simple, to change Valorant name you need to visit the riot games login. That’s it, after that, the website itself guides you to the name-changing box. Apart from that make sure to pick good and healthy usernames that follow the Riot Games Policy. 


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